An unbiased Content sharing platform that rewards users in form of PEDI.
Asset Built Proudly on Stellar

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What is Pedity Platform?

Pedity is a simple community oriented content sharing platform where every user is rewarded PEDI tokens based on content and not on upvotes/votes from other users.


Here you get rewarded for every post your create, comment you make, user you refer. That means you are rewarded for almost anything you do on Pedity.

Ofcourse reward rate is dependent on various factors.

You can easily exchange PEDI token on Stellar Term exchange for Stellar Lumens. In simple terms, you are getting rewarded just by sharing content and the best part is that you don't need upvote or like to get rewards. Once you create posts, rewards are generated instantly. This is all thanks to the Stellar blockchain technology.

You can buy Pedity Tokens on Interstellar, StellarTerm and StellarPort Exchange where Pedity is listed as verified asset.


Our mission is to bring transparency in content industry using blockchain.

pedity features

Unbiased Platform

Rewards are unbiased, every user will get same reward at a particular time.

Instant Redemption

All rewards are generated almost instantly and can be redeemed instantly.

Complete Control

Users can delete their data and their account whenever they want.

Transparent Blockchain

Users can see all rewards data live on Stellar blockchain.

blockchain record

Empowering rewards for content creators

A real world use case of blockchain technology

Content rewards and blockchain are a perfect fit for every content creator online. Every single reward information is recorded on the stellar blockchain along with views and comments. Content creators would have transparency into the impact they are making for brands or social networks and be properly rewarded for it.

Create anything

Single platform for multiple content types

Write articles and get rewarded in PEDI tokens for sharing articles.

Share videos and get rewarded in PEDI tokens for sharing that video.

Create, capture and Share images and get rewarded in PEDI tokens for sharing images.

PEDI Roadmap

Pedity has a very productive roadmap and the project is in premitive stage, even so our platform is live. You can explore Pedity Platform and see how it works. You can also see the RoadMap of Pedity to know our future plans.

Available at

PEDI tokens are already available as verified asset at top exchanges and wallets.

Interstellar Exchange
a lot more to come

Upcoming Releases

Some of the major upcoming releases of Pedity Platform in 2018

Web Wallet

Pedity web based wallet for checking PEDI balance. You will be able to send and receive tokens as well.

Instant Rewards

Instant PEDI tokens rewarded for creating content at Pedity platform that you can even trade instantly.

More Trading Pairs

Trade directly with more pairs such as PEDI-BTC and PEDI-ETH, planned for Q3.


Rebranding of Pedity Platform in Q4 for more reach to masses in Q4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some important questions that you also might be having.

  • Stellar being one of the fastest blockchain technology out in crypto world and the insanely low amount of fees(100 stroops) is just perfect for a content reward generation platform.

  • Content platform is a crowded place where most of the platform depend on user vote/upvote. Pedity is dependent on generating rewards from the Platform(asset issuer) automatically based on various factors. You can read about the algorithm in the whitepaper.

  • Content creators will get paid based on content. Currently Pedity has articles, very soon we will have videos, images, Q/A which will also generate rewards. Content creators will get reward rates based on factors specified in the whitepaper. So you can understand it in a way that if you are creating a good content, you are definitely getting more PEDI based on the specified rules. All code will be hosted on github for transparency once we are near beta closure.

  • Around Q3, beta should start and you will start receiving rewards for all the content created. Time frame of closure of beta is 6 months but platform will be live with rewards in Q3 itself.

  • Pedity started in Dec 2017 and finished Pre-Alpha in March 2018 and we have survived till now solely on our funds. We believe showing real product to public which solves above issues is better than talking about something that will exist in far future which no one is even certain. Certainly for content creators in blockchain industry, there is only monopoly of rewarding people with higher status which is very wrong.

  • Absolutely, there are tokens specially for this and we also have Ambassador program. Pedity is not like other platform that asks users to share/like everytime we posts on social media, rather than this our whole team believes in quality.

  • Total number of PEDI Tokens - 3,999,999,999
    Circulating tokens - 1,399,999,999